Child Safe Readiness Assessment

Does your organisation have a clear and public commitment to child safety in the form of a Child Safe Policy that all staff members and volunteers know about and are required to uphold?

Does your organisation undertake regular Child Safety Reviews?

Does your organisation have a Code of Conduct that explains acceptable and unacceptable behaviour of staff, volunteers and children?

Does your organisation have record keeping policies and procedures in place when disclosures are made about suspected child abuse?

Has your organisation determined which employee or volunteer positions require a Working With Children Check and ensured those checks have been undertaken?

Does your organisation keep a database of all staff and volunteers with a Working With Children Check and record expiry dates, card numbers and card type (Volunteer or Employee)?

Are your staff and volunteers aware of their responsibility to report concerns of harm?

How regularly does your organisation check the validity of Working With Children cards to make sure that no staff or volunteer has been given a Negative Notice or had their card revoked or suspended?

Whilst competing demands stretch your resources, child safety must be the basis on which all other functions of your organisation stem from. Child safety must be the top priority in your organisation's operations.